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The Supermen - 60 Minute Man


Image of The Supermen - 60 Minute Man

Debut release form the backyard porn wresltlers. party animal rock'n'roll from chicago.
The Supermen are radically rockin and maxxxin and the plans for world domination are intact and rollin along as smoothly as ever... From the Gateway to the West to the coffee houses of Amsterdam to the high fashion rock groupies of Milan the international punk hunks are spreading the good news of party viking, nasty nasty, rough sex punk rock to the masses! Don't miss your chance to get sleazy with the gorgeous perverted luchadors!!

01. 60 Minute Man
02. Tits And Ass
03. I Cross The Line
04. Nerd Smasher
cat.no.: DSB019
format: 7"EP
limitation: 500 copies
color: black
released 2006